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Town Hall of Barcelona
Town Hall of Barcelona
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The main facade of the City Hall (which gives the Plaza Sant Jaume), is a purist neoclassical work designed by Josep Mas i Vila, between 1831 and 1847. It was very controversial in its time because of the progressive current work defending the austerity and a return to Hellenic sources ..
In 1853, Francesc Daniel Molina, representative of the academic and former rival, he designed the sculpted marble capstone Filippo Casoni.
In fornículas plant were marble statues of King James I (left) and counselor Joan Fiveller, Barcelona's XVth century nobleman (right), conducted by Josep Bover

Gothic Facade
Located on the street Ciutat, the work of Arnau Bargués, was the main entrance to the nineteenth century when they built the Plaza Sant Jaume.
The overall sculptural decoration is the work of Jordi de Déu and the same Bargués Arnau. Above the door is the image of the Archangel Raphael, Jordi attributed to Johan, with wings made by Pere Ça Anglada.
In 1550 two images are placed at the corners, San Severo (right) and Santa Eulalia, co-patron of the city (left).
When in the nineteenth century the new facade was built, the wall on the right was moved to the left and the dust of the door was bent. During these works the image of San Severo broke down and was replaced by a new made by Puigjaner i Flotats.

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