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College of Architects
College of Architects
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    Plaša Nova, 5
    08002 Barcelona
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Building 1961 Xavier Busquets, since then new head of the College of Architects.
The most ornamental feature of this building is the set of the three Mediterranean friezes on the facade, and two others are inside. The friezes were performed with sand pipe by Norwegian Carl Nesjar on a design by Picasso.

The three friezes The set is made up of the Mediterranean:
- The frieze of children in the street facade dels Arcs
- The frieze of the giants, on the facade of the Plaza Nova
- The Frieze of Catalonian Flag, on the facade of the street Capellans

Inside are:
- The Wall dels Arcs, in the corresponding side of the street dels Arcs
- The Sardana, on the side street for Capellans

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